Discover your inner resilience as we approach the winter holidays, even as stress and uncertainty increase for many. In this class, Dr. Cox will share techniques she has learned through her integrative medicine training to manage the stressors of the holiday season. While the pandemic continues to impact our daily lives and families, we can anchor in practices that keep us safe, mindful, and connected.

Aneela decided to pursue medicine after a medical tour in Uganda while she was in college. She promptly returned to her hometown and completed medical school. Aneela then pursued her residency training in family medicine at the University of Arizona which provided a robust integrative medicine curriculum. Afterwards, she completed the residential integrative medicine fellowship through the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine in Tucson. Dr. Cox aims to use a heart-centered approach to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment into her practice using the various modalities she has learned over the years. She is currently accepting new patients. To learn more about Dr. Cox, visit Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville’s website: