Our Values

Our Mission: Simply Better Health care

At Integrative Family Medicine, we believe patients deserve better than the current state of the American health care system. More people should have access to medical care that is focused on the needs of patients, not on the requirements of insurance companies. We all deserve health care that is empowering, comprehensive, and sustainable.

Our mission is to provide a better alternative to the status quo and help our patients achieve their full potential for health and wellness. This is why we established the first Direct Primary Care practice in Western North Carolina. Our caring staff— including doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, a health coach, nutritionist, and an exceptional support teamoffers our community an accessible, collaborative, evidence-based approach to health care.

Better for Our Patients

We see that health problems exist on many levels, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. As integrative physicians, we partner with patients to understand and address the personal, underlying causes of illness. We view nutrition, fitness, stress management, and healthy relationships as the foundation of an optimal lifestyle. Our team of providers works together to develop individualized approaches that address the whole person. Using an evidence-based approach, we work across disciplines to determine optimal treatment plans. Our job is to effectively treat our patients in a manner that will result in the least possible side effects and the greatest opportunity for healing.

Better for Our Community

Understanding the interdependence of community and environmental health with human well-being, we prioritize sustainable business practices. We go to great lengths to ensure that our practice operates in a sustainable manner. Our clinic strives to reduce our burden on the planet by using only the necessary resources, recycling at every opportunity, and conserving energy whenever possible. We are committed to supporting the local economy through a Living Wage Certification and Go Local membership. In support of the local and global community, we donate all profits from supplements sold through our clinic to nonprofit organizations. 

Contact us if you have any questions about our mission or how we incorporate our core values into our everyday practices.