Specialty Care

When You Need More

We developed our clinic to provide quality integrative primary care. Most of the time, this foundation is all that is needed to restore and sustain optimal health. Please read below to learn about the types of care we offer. 

Sometimes, individuals with chronic illnesses or conditions benefit from a deeper investigation in order to achieve their best health. This “deep dive” approach is beyond the typical scope of primary care.

Some conditions saddle the border between primary care and specialty care. For instance, we are able to help with many hormone and gastrointestinal conditions. However, we do not operate as functional medicine practitioners. We limit specialty testing to certain hormone, thyroid, and GI concerns. Please use the buttons below to read about our lab testing policy and how we manage hormones.

Integrative Versus Functional Medicine

While there are some overlaps and similar approaches between integrative and functional medicine—and “functional” means different things to different people—we see functional medicine as a subspecialty of Integrative primary care. We are not a functional medicine practice. 

At Integrative Family Medicine, we focus on a personalized, holistic approach to health care to prevent and reverse chronic illness. We often serve as the primary care home for individuals working with providers in functional medicine or other integrative specialty services.

Functional medicine, on the other hand, includes a style, model, and language that often casts a wide diagnostic net with expensive specialty laboratory testing. While this approach has its place, it is not necessary for everyone at all times. It also does not work with our membership model. 

We have close relationships with local and regional providers that specialize in autoimmune conditions, chronic Lyme disease, environmental toxicity, heavy metal exposure, and other conditions that may benefit from expertise beyond integrative primary care.