Specialty Services

We developed our clinic to provide quality, accessible primary care. We emphasize personalized lifestyle medicine with an integrative approach. Most of the time, this foundation of lifestyle-based primary care is all that is needed to restore and sustain optimal health.

We refer to this foundation of lifestyle medicine as Integrative Primary Care.

This is the focus of the Integrative Life Membership. We coordinate our medical providers, nutritionist, health coaching, and classes to support you and your family’s health goals.

Sometimes, individuals benefit from a deeper investigation in order to achieve their best health. This ‘deep dive’ approach is beyond the typical scope of primary care.

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When you need more

Complex symptom patterns sometimes require a deeper investigation. These services require significant additional training and expertise. While the foundation of this approach is still a holistic lifestyle, we differentiate these services by referring to them as Integrative Specialty Care. We have close relationships with local and regional providers that specialize in Autoimmune conditions, Chronic Lyme, Environmental Toxicity, Heavy Metal Exposure, and other conditions that may benefit from expertise beyond Integrative Primary Care.

We often serve as the primary care home for individuals working with providers in Functional Medicine or other Integrative Specialty Services. For Functional Medicine, we usually recommend Family to Family and for Environmental or Heavy Metal Toxicity we usually recommend Asheville Integrative Medicine. We know them well and share patients regularly.

Some conditions saddle the border between primary care and specialty care. We are able to help with many hormone and gastrointestinal conditions.
If diagnosis, treatment and management requires specialty laboratory testing, we will consider the visit to review those results a Specialty Service Visit.

Your Integrative Life Membership provides access to these Specialty Service Visits when needed and at an exceptional value. We offer these services at a procedure fee of $90 in addition to your typical $20 visit fee. This additional fee accounts for the additional expense beyond what the membership would cover. We have chosen this approach rather than raising the membership price for everyone. This way we can keep the membership affordable for more people while also providing some of these services ‘in-house.’

Our goal is to make this as transparent as possible:

  • We charge a $20 handling fee above our costs for the specialty lab panels. We do not ‘upcharge’ the labs, and therefore have no incentive to order tests that you may not need.
  • If want us to review specialty labs that you have from another provider or that you ordered for yourself, we will consider that visit a specialty service visit and will charge an additional $90.
  • If you are interested in hormone therapy, we recommend that you review our page covering our approach and policies. We emphasize lifestyle, safety, and using the lowest dosage necessary to address your hormone-related symptoms.
lifestyle medicine