Integrative Family Medicine recognizes that human health is interdependent with that of our community and environment at large. Humans currently generate around 240 million tonnes of discarded plastic each year, and there are now 500 times more pieces of micro-plastic in our oceans than stars in our galaxy. Certain plastics can be toxic to humans as well as marine micro-fauna, and marine litter is threatening some 600 species through entanglement and ingestion. We will harness and use the health coaching model of taking a desire for change and focusing on what is within our control to do. Through conscious choice and planning, we can minimize our personal footprint and model these changes for others

Our health coach, Ariana Figueroa, NBC-HWC, moderated this community brainstorm.  In this video, she gives the power point presentation that kicked off the brainstorm.  The conversation that followed is not included, per the request of the attendees of that talk.

This is the Handout that was used in the talk.

Follow along with this copy of Ariana’s power point presentation.

Here is the PDF of ideas, resources, and strategies generated in the Brainstorm.