As parents we are all familiar with power struggles. Whether our children are two or twenty-one years old we have all experienced the frustration and disbelief of these confrontations as our children behave like saboteurs to gain control. Power struggles are the bedrock of conflict with our children. Imagine how peaceful parenting would be if we could avoid these experiences. How much extra time would we have to connect with our children instead of fighting with them? In this presentation Beth Hockman, M.S., will share with us seven fail-proof techniques you can use immediately to move away from fighting and into peaceful connection.

Beth is a parenting coach, educator, leadership facilitator, mom, and TEDx speaker who holds a Master’s Degree in Experiential Education. Her professional experience as an Outward Bound instructor in both Africa and USA, a public school teacher, academic director of a boarding school, and Love and Logic facilitator allows her the real life knowledge and experience to support parents as they navigate the path of parenthood. She is a co-founder of Asheville TAASC: The American Adventure Service Corps, a youth focused non-profit that combines the power of wilderness leadership and service learning into value-formative experiences for young people. She is adjunct faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership which provides experiential-based leadership development and a Board of Director for FernLeaf Community Charter School. 

Beth’s journey to parenthood has been long, winding, and at times painful, yet she is so grateful for the opportunity to be parenting her amazing twin girls. She believes parenting is a sacred profession and treats it as such. And as with other professions, she believes in the need for/value of continuing education, support networks, best practices, and finding the humor in the each day. To learn more about Beth, or to work with her as a coach, visit her website at

IFMA Community Class Series, March 7, 2019.