In lieu of our monthly community class, this month we are speaking with local exercise experts about “How to Keep Moving Right Now.” With the cold weather, Covid-19 numbers, social distancing, etc., now is the time to get creative about how we can keep exercising for our physical and mental well-being.
This week we spoke with Keith Wimsett, of Inspire Personal Fitness.
Some of the tips he shared:
1) Mindset: shift from seeing obstacles to opportunities. If you don’t have weights and are wanting to work out at home, use cans of soup to do bicep curls.
2) Plan: make one and write it down. Written goals are 45% more likely to be successful.
3) Go public: tell your friends and family about your goal, and why you are doing it.
4) Put it on your calendar: make an appointment with yourself to get moving. By scheduling exercise into your day, you ensure you won’t forget about it once work, family, the news, etc. start up.
To get a Free Exercise Beginner’s Guide, and to learn more about Inspire Personal Fitness, head to this link: