This interview was part of Integrative Family Medicine’s January series on “How to keep Moving Right Now.” During this unprecedented time, we have made our clinic easily accessible through virtual visits. Our focus is helping our patients optimize their health now and being readily available if they get sick.  For more information about our affordable member-based practice and how we do medicine differently, please visit our website:].

Danny Dreyer is the co-founder of ChiRunning and ChiWalking. Danny and his wife Katherine have both been pioneers in teaching runners and walkers how to exercise as a mindful practice while avoiding injury. They have co-authored three fantastic books on mindful movement: ChiRunning, ChiWalking, and ChiMarathon. Danny has 45 years of running experience, with races ranging from 5ks to 100 miles [and 43 ultramarathons!]. He is a lecturer, speaker, leader, and coach – who has helped countless runners of all backgrounds to improve their time and distance while reducing injuries. Danny’s true joy comes from helping people to learn how about their deeper selves through the use of their body. To learn more about Danny, visit his website: 



Listed above is an excerpt from the longer presentation, in which Danny offers tips for breaking through an exercise motivation block. The “soccer ball” is a metaphor Danny used for staying consistent. It is easier to keep a ball moving, than to get it started. 

Above is another excerpt, in which Danny explains how to strategically dress for exercising in cold weather. He also shares how to learn what your body needs to be its most comfortable and safe while exercising in the winter.

Above is the end-of-presentation interview between our health coach, Ariana Figueroa, and Danny Dreyer.