Just as polluting our parent ecosystems can make us sick, so can we support our health through wise land care and daily nutrition habits that give us what we need to thrive. In this session, we will delve into how soil, geology and environmental factors influence the nutritional and medicinal properties of foods.  We will look at how a Permaculture approach can allow us to work with our local ecologies to grow powerful medicinal foods. Lastly, we’ll overview some recipes and resources for traditional cultural preparation methods for bio regionally appropriate medicinal foods. Turmeric kudzu pudding, homegrown nixtamalized tortillas, elderberry reishi syrup and more.

Zev Friedman works as a permaculture educator, consultant and researcher.  He is based at Earthaven Ecovillage outside of Asheville, NC. He focuses on empowering others through transformative education; thereby helping them to find the skills and mentorship they need to develop a meaningful role in the process of re-connecting humans to nature in a way that takes good care of both. After growing up in a patch of kudzu in Sylva, North Carolina, Zev earned a B.S. in Human Ecology at UNC Asheville in 2004.  He completed an apprenticeship in Permaculture education with Patricia Alison in 2009, and now seeks to grow community and multi-generational village culture through his consulting work and land projects, most recently with the WNC Mutual Aid Initiative. Please see www.livingsystemsdesign.net for more information.

Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville’s Community Class Series: October, 2018.

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