At 22, Maureen McCarthy was told she would die from a rare, genetic lung disease before she even made it to 30. When a bleak picture was painted of her downhill journey, and she was put on 24-hour oxygen, she decided to mindfully design a series of new relationships with her health and her body. Now 50, Maureen credits her health to her collaborations with human and non-human entities including her care team, physical pain, stress, money, and her own internal healing.

As a social scientist, Maureen has worked with organizations around the world, from corporations to non-profits large and small, helping people build adaptable, resilient collaborations through the lens of neuroscience. Maureen has created many tools that help her not only develop great collaboration within businesses and communities, but in all areas of her life and health. Join Maureen as she shares her story, along with practical tools for creating great collaboration with your own health and wellness.

You can download Maureen’s handout here: A Collaboration Between Me and My Health

Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville’s Community Class Series: January, 2017.