What are Specialty Labs?

Certain conditions straddle the line between primary care and specialty care. These include hormone management, some thyroid concerns, and some GI concerns. Specialty labs are outside of the scope of routine primary care, and at time may be helpful in a primary care setting to guide treatment.
We do not operate as ‘Functional Medicine Consultants.’ We collaborate often with local practitioners who provide this specialized care. It will be up to you and your provider to determine when we need to bring a specialist onto your care team.
If you bring specialty panels from other providers or panels that you have ordered on your own, we will require an interpretation fee of $90 for us to review them. We are not able to interpret all panels that you may order for yourself online.
Please understand that this policy allows us to make our level of care affordable to more people.  For specific questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office.