The Quick Reset Program

Your everyday choices are your most powerful medicine.


The Reset Program is our platform to support you in lifestyle change outside of the office. We have designed a core curriculum and will be launching classes to target different health goals. Lifestyle is a team sport. We have developed the program to harness the wisdom and support of the group in a virtual format. Our Health Coach will guide the series of classes with backup from the full IFMA team including our medical providers and nutritionist.

3o years of research has shown that any positive lifestyle change can bring benefit. Research has also shown that a comprehensive shift is sometimes needed to get significant results. Working together in a positive way, our body systems create a synergy which promotes resilient health. This approach has been shown to reverse heart disease, type II diabetes, and even early forms of cancer. It even affects your genetic expression in ways the prevent illness and promote longevity.

Whether your goal is to optimize health, reverse a condition, or decrease a symptom, this program is designed to support you. We will be running versions of the program targeting different health goals.

This program is only available to members and will require an RSVP to reserve a space. We will notify all of our members when we are launching the first series. In the meantime, please click on the following link to give us feedback on where we should focus first!