Fruit & Yogurt Topped Pineapple Slices - Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville


  • I whole pineapple, cut horizontally into 3/4 inch thick rounds
  • 1, 8 ounce container lactose free yogurt (plain or vanilla, I used Green Valley lactose free vanilla)
  • Fresh blueberries, sliced strawberries, kiwifruit wedges, coconut, papaya, banana for decoration (limit to about 1/4 cup fruit per pineapple slice)
  • Pumpkin seeds, chia, walnuts (as desired, limit to 1 tablespoon per pineapple slice)
  • Fresh mint, chopped (as desired)


  1. Slice pineapple in rounds and place on parchment lined tray.
  2. Spread slice of pineapple with layer of yogurt and top with fruit, nuts/seeds and mint as desired sticking with limits as instructed.