We are here for you 

During the coronavirus pandemic we are following national guidelines for social distancing.

We are able to provide access to our patients through virtual visits (phone or video) as well as direct messaging through our patient portal. Your access to care is vital to us. 

If your provider deems it necessary to see you for a physical exam or procedure, they will make arrangements to meet you at the clinic. We will refer all patients that meet criteria for coronavirus testing to test centers coordinated by the Health Department.

We are here for you, and we will get through this challenge together.


Annual Physical Video Visit

Please click here to schedule your Annual Physical Exam (included when you renew your Integrative Life Membership). Please have any annual labs drawn prior to your visit. See online booking instructions on the next page or give us a call to schedule those labs.

Urgent Care Virtual Visit

Please click here if you are sick with an urgent need. If your condition can wait a few days, please schedule a continuity visit instead. Urgent visits are reserved for those in need of prompt medical care.


Continuity/ Follow-up Virtual Visit

Please click here if you have a follow up question or non-urgent concern that you would like to discuss with your medical provider.

Health Coaching Virtual Visit

Please click here to schedule a Health Coaching session with Ariana Figueroa, Integrative Health Coach. Health Coaching helps to bridge the gap between personal goals, expert medical recommendations, and the ability to incorporate both into your daily life.

Nutrition Consult Virtual Visit

Please click this link if you would like to set up a nutrition consult with Katherine Wilson, MSHN. Katherine is expert at helping you build a solid nutritional foundation, which we feel is a vital component to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Lab Work

Due to CDC guidelines for reducing exposure during this time, we are limiting labs to those medically necessary. As a result, our lab schedule is currently closed through June. We can, however, send lab orders to LabCorp as needed. If you need a lab urgently, please contact your provider through the Passport patient portal or schedule a virtual visit to discuss. Otherwise, please click here to schedule a future lab appointment.