Employer Plan Appointments

These appointments are for individuals who have memberships through their employers. Please choose your visit type below. You may also call 828-575-9600 to book your appointment over the phone.

Establish Care

Please click here to schedule your Establish Care Visit. This visit is included in your Integrative Life Membership provided by your employer. The establish care visit is an extended visit time that we set aside to get to know you better. Please try to schedule this in the first several months of getting started with your membership.

Urgent Care Visit

If you are sick or have an acute, urgent need, please click here to schedule an appointment.

Annual Physical

Please click here to schedule your Annual Physical Exam (included when you renew your Integrative Life Membership). Please have any annual labs drawn prior to your visit. See online booking instructions on the next page or give us a call to schedule those labs.

Continuity/ Follow-up Visit

If you have a follow up question or concern that you would like to discuss with your medical provider, please click here to schedule an appointment.

Phone Consult

We are happy to offer phone consultations as an alternative to continuity visits if you are unable to make it into the office. Please click here to schedule a phone consult with your provider.


If you would like to schedule a pap smear, biopsy, or other procedure, please click here to book your appointment

Lab Work

Please only schedule lab work approved by your medical provider including: cbc, bmp, cmp, glucose, A1C, lipid panel, uric acid, TSH, T3, and T4. Please fast 8 hrs for lipid panel or glucose.