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Share Your Story, Share Your Journey, Share Your Wisdom

We are grateful for our community’s efforts during this challenging time. Through sharing our stories we can find healing, understanding, and inspiration. We come together in a common human experience.

This time clearly demonstrates our interdependence. Our health and well-being is dependent on one another- locally and globally. We need kindness and a willingness to listen in order to move forward for a healthier community and culture. In hearing or reading another’s story, we can find the common ground of our humanity and a common path forward.

Feel welcome to submit your own offering here. Please compose your narrative in an anonymous form, and we will share selections below or in a compilation.

“For two days prior to March 23…”

For two days prior to March 23 (the day I began a fever) I was not feeling well. I was fatigued, felt a sore throat approaching and my sinuses were running, but after all pollen season had begun so I didn't think much about it. Om March 23 I woke up with a headache,...

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Open Letter to COVID-19…

Sly operator who do you think you are invading our borders coming like a thief in the night upending our lives sending chills up and down our spine? Catlike and indiscriminate in your "kills" you charmed us, harmed us took our young and old sullied our livelihoods...

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“I live smack dab downtown…”

I live smack dab downtown - right across from the Grove Arcade, right in the path of all that is going on. For the past four nights, I have fallen asleep to the sound of flashbangs, firecrackers, shouting, chanting, and police sirens. Sometimes marchers pass my...

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“Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic…”

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the more recent social unrest, my story feels like a confusing mixture of worry, joy, sadness, fear, and gratitude. Life certainly looks different than it used to. I do not see my co-workers anymore as we are working...

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