Employee Health Benefit Program

At Integrative Family Medicine our goal is to provide all people with affordable quality healthcare. We are committed to providing accessible, scalable options for employers to serve their employee health necessities. Whether a small or large business, we have programs that can suit your needs.

With primary care and urgent care services through Integrative Family Medicine, employers are able to save on health care costs, while providing employees with access to longer visits, a personal medical approach, and an integrative perspective that promotes sustainable health.



Employer’s potential annual savings per employee in healthcare costs by preventing absenteeism and presenteeism.

Source: Harvard Business Review, Dec 2010

We come to you

If you have more than 100 employees, one of our medical providers will come to your place of business and see your employees on their schedule.

ROI of 6:1

Grocer H.E.B.’s estimate of savings after 10% of employees moved to low-risk health status.

Source: Harvard Business Review. Dec 2010

You come to us

Smaller companies often prefer to come to our practice. This option can save you money if you have less than 100 employees.

ROI of 3.8:1

Employer-provided disease management programs can save employers $136 per member per month.

Source: The RAND Corporation, 2013

Employees are the most valuable asset to any company. Here is why our workplace wellness program should matter to you.

Including the inherent value of healthier, happier employees, employers also improve the value of their business. Employers are able to save on healthcare costs by as much as 20-50%, while at the same time improving employee health, retention, and productivity.



Furthermore, businesses who provide medical care through Integrative Family Medicine will have reduced requirements to qualify as a “living wage employer,” a certification overseen by local non-profit Just Economics.

Employees receiving healthcare at Integrative Family Medicine will enjoy having a personalized approach to primary care that is otherwise available to a very small percentage of people in the United States. Specific benefits include office visit length 2-3x the national average, lab tests at a fraction of the cost of insurance based clinics, and priority next available appointment slots.

Many employers have begun to notice that rates on their existing health plans have actually risen with the institution of the Affordable Care Act (ACA.) Employers are transitioning to high deductible plans to cut expenses, but these plans can limit access to the very services that prevent or manage the illnesses that are most costly to both the employer and staff.

Pairing a high deductible ACA plan with the Integrative Life Membership is often significantly less expensive than providing a lower deductible comprehensive plan. Your employees get optimal care while you realize the cost savings of decreased premiums and decreased illness-related expense.


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We are proud to offer this alternative to our Asheville community. Across the country, many employers are adopting a similar model as they realize it is an affordable way to provide better, more personal care that focuses on prevention, wellness, and quality of life.

Please call our employer health department at 828-575-9600 or get in touch through our online form to discuss your individual needs