Primary Care

Primary care encompasses all of the basic health needs from birth to old age. Your primary care physician is the one that knows you well and helps to coordinate care with other providers if you need it.

Family Medicine emphasizes primary care in community and looks at the influences to health over the course of your life. You could say that Family Docs ‘specialize’ in understanding you in the context of your whole life and over the course of your lifespan. From urgent care needs to managing complex chronic problems, family physicians are able to work in partnership with you in developing optimal treatment strategies.

We enjoy all ages and the process of developing close relationships over time. We are able to manage the majority of your medical needs. We serve as your medical home.

How does this work?

In today’s medical world, we have primary care physicians that manage a general variety of problems and specialist physicians that have chosen to focus their expertise on an area of specialty such as Cardiology or Neurology. Primary care physicians can manage a variety of medical conditions and may seek a consult from a specialist when the condition is not behaving normally, does not have a clear diagnosis, or has reached an advanced state. Some primary care physicians have chosen to deepen their expertise in managing certain conditions.

In the ideal world, the primary care doc and specialists coordinate care with the patient for the best outcome. Numerous studies have demonstrated that patients who have a regular primary care doctor  have better health outcomes and quality of life.  At Integrative Family Medicine will gladly coordinate care with specialists when needed and also with other Integrative Medicine providers. We look forward to being your medical home.


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