We are board certified family physicians that have stepped out of the insurance model to show that quality, comprehensive care can be provided for significantly less money. We are able spend more time with patients and address the roots of their concerns for the price of the average co-pay. We have created a model that enables us to provide integrative primary care at rates that are accessible to all people, including uninsured and under-insured populations.

We collaborate with other providers and work with communities to help create an environment that supports healthy choices. We utilize traditional Western Medicine from a holistic perspective that values and incorporates the contributions of other healing disciplines. By promoting collaboration, simplicity, and sustainability we offer a grass-roots approach to health care change.

We have a variety of ways for you to be involved. We have urgent care, individual visits, and a comprehensive lifestyle program for those seeking to optimize their health or make big changes. In addition to office visits, we offer programs and classes that empower individuals and communities to enjoy vital, fulfilling lives. For more information explore the following pages:

Philosophy– Understanding Integrative Family Medicine and why we stepped beyond the traditional model

Visits– to understand our price structure and options

Integrative Life Program (ILP)- our comprehensive lifestyle program

Classes– our weekly and monthly offerings for the community and ILP members


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